Mail donation checks to: Immokalee Fair Housing Alliance, Inc. Att. Alan Penick, Treasurer P.O. Box 1204 Immokalee, FL. 34143

This situation isn't right YOU can be their hero.

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Current homes are:


    “The home we rented was destroyed by a tree that crashed through the roof into our children’s bedroom. The building split apart and all our possessions were ruined.”


    “My three children and I have lived in the same trailer for six years. We have never been late with our rent. When we asked the landlord to replace the refrigerator that kept dying, causing the milk and food to go bad, he kicked us out.”


    “We found shelter in a rundown trailer shared with many other people, where the five members of our family now sleep in one room. Our children are good students, but they now have no quiet place to study or to get the rest they need.”


Having a safe, affordable home is critically important for all of us and yet the people who harvest our food lack this basic human need for themselves and their children.


This situation in Immokalee isn’t right.

Together, we can help.

You can help make this right.

You can be their hero.  



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