The Problem

In 2017, Hurricane Irma devastated southwest Florida, especially the town of Immokalee, home to many agricultural workers and their families. The storm also exposed the urgent need for safe and affordable housing for these hardworking people.

Already a serious issue before the hurricane, the significant destruction of housing stock has left farmworkers and their families with even more expensive and yet sub-standard, unsafe and overcrowded housing. In many cases, rents tripled and even quadrupled due to unconscionable rent-gouging.

The men and women who harvest the food we eat and their children deserve better!


Did you know? 24/7 Wall St. recently listed Immokalee, Florida as one of the “50 Worst Cities to Live In” with a massive 43.4 percent poverty rate.


Living conditions are deplorable - Rent is outrageously high ($75 per person per week, including children and babies)
- More than one family forced into one trailer
- Keeps hardworking families in extreme poverty, lack of stability and safety

These unmaintained houses have issues like: - Refrigerator breaks down and is not replaced
- Family unable to prepare food
- Holes in the floors and ceiling
- Rodents, bugs, snakes, rain, unable to be cooled or heated
- Mold - a major health problem especially for children
- In some cases no toilets, no showers

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